Linux Commander


Linux Commander

With Linux Commander you could execute any Command on your Linux Server at a Touch and display the output result of the Command.

That enables you to e.g. Start/Stop/Restart Services and Programs, Display File and Log Contents or execute any program which does not require a keyboard input.

As well you could specify with which Linux User you want to execute the Commands.

The communication between your Server and the App is AES Encrypted and you could use HTTPS through your Web Server Configuration in addition if you like.

The App communicates through HTTP (or HTTPS) with a PHP script that needs to be installed on your Web Server.

Prerequisites for your Linux Server:

  • A Webserver enabled to run PHP Scripts
  • Running SSH Server
  • PHP
  • Ensure that you have the php mcrypt module installed / enabled on your php installation
  • Installed PHP Script from my Website (which includes the php library phpseclib)

iPad Screenshots:

LinuxC1 linuxc2 linuxc3 linuxc4