Linux Commander Install

Installation Instructions

For the communication betwenn the Linux Commander App and your Linux Server, it is required to have:

  • A Webserver enabled to run PHP Scripts
  • A running SSH Server which accepts login for the UserID you want to execute the commands (login will be from localhost)
  • PHP
  • Ensure that you have the php mcrypt module installed / enabled on your php installation
  • Installed PHP Script from my Website (which includes the php library phpseclib)

The first three items are usually standard on each Linux server, so i just explain here what you need in addtition to that.

Download the installation package from:

Extract the files on a path in your Webserver e.g.:

mkdir /srv/www/htdocs/LinuxCommander
tar -C /srv/www/htdocs/LinuxCommander -xvzf LinuxCommander.tar.gz

Then edit index.php and edit the three variables on top, to set Username, Password and Crypt Key e.g.:

$servicekey =’myverysecretkeytocrypt‘;

After hat you should be able to run the app on your iDevice and executes commands on your Linux host.