iMisterhouse-144aiMisterhouse – the native visualistion solution for Misterhouse

By using IMisterhouse you can operate your Misterhouse server from your iPad. iMisterhouse is an independent visualisation surface which can display and control your objects (switches, dimmers, readings/values and dropdowns, etc) based on your pre-settings. A wide range of icons have already been integrated into the application. These icons can be displayed alongside your defined objects (depending on the current switching- status). Compared to the web options the advantage of this native visualisation is the operation speed, the visual display of elements and switching-status. With options on the web it often takes a long time to download the pages and display them on your device and they are not to be found in the normal iPhone /iPad “Touch and feel”. With IMisterhouse communication with the server takes place in the background and like with iPhone/iPad apps, it is quick and easy to operate (regardless whether you use WLan, 3G or Edge).

With IMisterhouse all the icons and pictures are stored on the device and the configuration (menu hierarchy and all the objects to be displayed) is transmitted on starting the application. In this way, no further configuration effort is required on your device.

For iMisterhouse to work you need to install two files on your Misterhouse server and you need to create your own menu structure. You can find the relevant configuration instructions under In the present version, the current switching-status (this can be updated by using the refresh button) is transmitted to the app and dispayed correctly when you start (i.e. light on or off). A “back channel” – from Misterhouse to the iPad (meaning when you want to operate, for example, a normal light switch after starting the app, the new status “light on” will not automatically be transferred from the Misterhouse server to the app) is currently not implemented. There are, however, plans to implement this is a coming version.

IMisterhouse has been developed for iPad and optimized for Retina. If you forward me your suggestions for improvements or changes, I can try to bring these into the next updates. Should you encounter problems with installation or the objects displayed, just send me an email with a screen shot and your source code data from Misterhouse. Due to the fact that Misterhouse has many different types of objects, I cannot guarantee that they will all be displayed correctly. Please let me know if you have any difficulties and I will try to correct the relevant object type in the next version.

iPad Screenshots:

homecinema setup sleepingroom dropdown bath


iPhone Screenshots: