FT Remote

This App is a Remote for Download Clients (like ftp,http, ..) running on Other machines

It support to connect to it through JSON based Web Services. Currently there is just one Protocol „Built-in“ supported.
But you can extend the support to other Download Clients by importing a Protocol
definition for it. You even can write your own Protocol definition, if the Download
Client supports remote control by a Web Service in JSON format. You will find instructions
on how to create a Protocol definition here. If you know a Download Client which you want to have supported, please let me know
and I will try to create a Protocol definition for it.This App is not a Download Manger itself – it is just a Remote for Download Managers.Built In supported: WinSCP (Open Source Download Mgr) – Just the FTP Part of WinSCP Currently

* Shows downloads with status
* Can support clients with JSON Based Webservices
* Start,Stop,Pause,Un-Pause,Stop,Remove,Recheckof Downloads
* Add new Download URLs
* Built in Web Browser with Link Catch for Downloads


iPad Screenshots:

edremote1 edremote2 edremote3 edremote4 edremote5