Freetz Manager

With Freetz Manager you can control and monitor some features of your AVM Fritzbox with the Freetz Firmware installed (

Following Features are currently implemented:
* Service start, stop, status
* Fritzbox restart
* Fritzbox status (Hardware, Netzwerk, RAM, Firmware, etc.)
* Freetz infos (Pakete, Firmware, Patches, Config)
* Logfiles

The App is tested with Freetz Version 2.0, but should work with earlier versions of Freetz as well. But if you have problems with a earlier Version of Freetz, please contact me through my Support Page, then i will add support for your Version as well.

If you want additional features please let me know and I will do my best to include it, in the next Release.

iPad Screenshots:

freetz1 freetz3 freetz2 freetz4 freetz5