Travel Manager

Travel Manager is not „just another trip planner“ – it is much more than that! 

With this app it’ll be easy for you to plan your individual trip so that you’ll have a stress-free journey.

With Travel Manager you have all the travel information you need: routes, hotels, your bookings, costs, …

The app includes the following features:

  • Universal app with iCloud sync between your iDevices
  • Online trip database: trips can be shared with others. You can download trips from others or you can use the database as online backup.
  • Templates can be imported: packing list items, important numbers and so on.
  • Routes, Sightseeing and POI planning
  • Manage your time: see your travel time, distance and time for sightseeing on each day
  • Navigation to your destinations: start a direct navigation to your destination from the App (Note: Navigon App is required for that function)
  • Integrated Web Viewer to check your links: stored booking references, Tripadvisor , etc
  • Full Map integration: Display and search of POIs, hotels, routes, etc. and transfer the address to your items (hotels, etc.)
  • Manage your hotels: display details of booked hotels and store „backup“ hotels in your selection process
  • Manage your flights, rental car bookings
  • Manage your malls, restaurants, coupons, etc.
  • Manage the visitor centers, important numbers and links
  • A packing and a shopping list with tick-off
  • To Do view: shows you the things you haven’t done yet for your trip (unbooked hotels, flights, etc)
  • Cost Management: Shows you the total costs of your trip (per person, what is still to be paid and what has already been paid) at any time
  • Expenses Manager: managing your costs with friends and partners (who paid what, who has to pay how much to whom?)
  • Document Manager which links your documents to your booking items (see your booking confirmation directl for the hotels, flights, etc)
  • Calendar display overview
  • Currency management: Costs will be managed in the right currency (home country, travel country)
  • Phone integration: initiate a call from the app (e.g. to your hotel)
  • Referencing of all information: You can link up all the information for wherever or wherever you need it.

 iPad Screenshots:

Trip ManagerTrip DatabaseToDoSightseeingRoutesRoute MapPacking ListExpense ManagerDay CalendarCosts

iPhone Screenshots: