iOTRSiOTRS is a Nativ Client for the Open Source Helpdesk Software OTRS

iOTRS is a Nativ Client for the Open Source Helpdesk Software OTRS. It is built as Universal App for iPhone and iPad and is tested against the Current Versions of OTRS (3.2.8 and upwards).

* Built for Performance (the app tries to minimize and parallelize queries to the server to be fast)
* Universal App – iPad and iPhone
* Customizable – Select Queue Groups you want to see
* Autorefresh
* Ticket Search (Requires patched iPhone Handle)
* Attachment Support – Reading of Attachments on tickets (Requires patched iPhone Handle)
* Create Tickets, Close Tickets, Move to other Queue, Reply with email to Ticket, Add Notes/Articles to TicketsThis app requires to have the OTRS iPhone Handle extension installed.

It will work with the Standard OTRS iPhone Handle, but for some advanced Features (Ticket Search, Attachement Support-Reading), it is nessaccery to apply a patch to the iPhone Handle – see iOTRS Setup

If you want to have additional Features in the app, please let me know and i will do my best to include it in future releases.

iPad Screenshots:

iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 14.07.2013 16.42.07 iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 14.07.2013 16.42.01 iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 14.07.2013 16.46.31 iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 14.07.2013 16.46.51 iOS Simulator Bildschirmfoto 14.07.2013 16.49.36