iOtrs Setup (OTRS 3.2.x)

IMPORTANT – This method only intended to use on OTRS Framework 3.2.x and below

To use the extended Features of iOTRS you have to patch the Original OTRS iPhone Handle (Can be installed via the iOTRS Admin Interface).

The app will work with the Standard Interface, but for the extended Features „Ticket Search“ and „Attachment Support“ (Attachment Open/Read) you have topatch the original iPhone handle.

If you had already applied a patch from this site, please deinstall the iPhone Handle and install it again, then execute the patch with the here supplied patch file.

To patch, download the following Patch file and apply it to the sources:  (Latest Otrs Handle Version 1.2.1 – Otrs 3.2.x)

Change to the OTRS Directory on your Server where OTRS is installed (e.g./opt/otrs) and execute the patch:

patch -p0 < iotrs-1.3.1-v2.patch

This patch only modifies the following two files:

For details have a look in the patch file.

In the App itself (iOTRS) please point to the following URL in the Server Setup:

Instruction for Patching on Windows

To patch the file on Windows, please download the Windows Patch utility from and install it.

Then open a command window (Start-Run-cmd.exe) as Administrator (when cmd.exe is displayed on the start menu, right click and choose run as Admin). Then change to the otrs Directory (e.g. cd \program files\otrs\otrs).

Then run the patch with:

patch -p0 –binary <iotrs-1.3.1-v2.patch