Business Map


Business Map for XING
With Business Map for XING, you could find see your XING Contacts by Location (Business and Private) on a Map. So you can easily plan your Business Meetings, when you are planing a new Trip.

You could as well start a Navigon Routing to the location, call the Contact, Display the full XING Web Profile or send a eMail to the Contact from within the App.

And obviously you can search your contacts and group them by Company.

For this App you need a XING Account (Standard would be fine)
iPad Screenshots:

mzl.dgvhknwq mzl.ynpmtwzv mzl.liuestos mzl.lomddyyc mzl.rpcpialq

iPhone Screenshots:

mzl.lbcoekjp mzl.tdtwgrdk mzl.dpczdsyi mzl.ueigutqz mzl.xcljdgdn