iMisterhouse FAQ

Q: How could I set a Password for my Misterhousehouse Server
A: See Installation Instructions (Section 2)

Q: How could I assign a Icon to my Objects
A: See Installation Instructions (Section 4)

Q: Could I hide single Objects in iMisterhouse
A: Yes. You have to set the hidden attribute at the object. e.g. $Wohnzimmer_Lampe→hidden(1);

Q: I would like the behavior of a Object in iMisterhouse (e.g. there is currently a slider shown in iMisterhouse, but i would like to change it to a On/Off switch)
A: You could overwrite the standard settings in iMisterhouse. You have to set the webstyle attribute of your object to the wanted value. e.g. $Wohnzimmer_Lampe→set_web_style(’slider‘); Possible webstyle types are:

  • switch
  • multiswitch
  • slider
  • dropdown
  • value

Q: I got the message „connecting, try to connecto to the Misterhouse URL to receive data“ and it seems that it hangs.
A: It sounds like that you have some sort of connectivity problem or password problem. Please check your misterhouse logfile. If you have a message like „ made an unauthorized request for“ it means you either have set the wrong password on misterhouse or iMisterhouse or you connecting from an IP address which is not specified as allowed by your mh.private.ini parameter:

password_allow_clients = 127\.0\.0\.1,10\.80\.29\..+